Northern Advisory has been providing expert business management advice for several years.  The focus over this time has been:

  • Joint Venture Management and advice on interaction with stakeholders and partners
  • Commercial advice on contract negotiation strategies
  • Negotiation of numerous agreements including several Gas Sale Agreements and Term Sheets including bearable price analysis
  • Economic Modelling of businesses and opportunities
  • Operational readiness
  • Cost recovery methodologies and allocation methods

Northern Advisory has now incorporated that experience into tools that can be used by companies globally.

Current Focus

Northern Advisory is currently focused on the delivery of its JVMsystem and CommitteeManager system.

We work with clients to optimise and customise our products to ensure our clients get exactly the product they are looking for to achieve its business goals and deliver productivity improvements and compliance against contractual or organisational obligations.

Future Opportunities

Northern Advisory will consider the development of any industry or community sector application meeting the following general principles:

  • The application is a web based tool for disparate companies or people to interact online to execute obligations.
  • The application has a generic core that can be applied across an industry or sector for use by multiple parties.  This way costs can be kept down and productivity improvements ensured for our clients.