Northern Advisory has developed a Joint Venture Management System specifically for the oil and gas industry.  This product enables these companies to manage their contractual obligations under their Joint Venture Agreements such as Committee Meetings, Resolutions and a variety of other functionality common to the administration of JVs.

This application is designed as a web hosted package for Operator and Non Operators to interact on line.  The platform is highly secure and reliable and can be used across a variety of industries, not just oil and gas.  The system covers the essential elements of all JVs.

Northern Advisory also offers an internally hosted system for those wanting to retain all data in house.

Why do you need the JVMsystem – read this: Why the JVMsystem

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Check out the CommitteeManager site to see the recently released new range of product offerings.  A unique product matrix is available for organisations to select the exact product to suit their needs from small to large.

We are pleased to offer document annotation (never print board papers again) and reply email storage functionality that allows users to reply to emails generated from the system and those responses to be placed back in CommitteeManager as if you logged in!  These are just two of the high end features that are offered within our range of products.

Building upon the unique features of the JVMsystem, the CommitteeManager allows all organisations to enjoy the benefits of effeciently managing obligations of Boards and Committees in a secure on line environment.

This product is applicable to a wide range of organisations including:

  • Company Boards
  • Large organisations (manage all those sub committees)
  • Local councils
  • NGOs
  • Hospitals
  • Accounting Firms
  • Sporting Associations
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Credit Unions
  • Schools
  • Religious Groups
  • Management Teams

This product allows committees to execute all aspects of their obligations on line such as agenda, minutes and resolutions as well as reports and data files as well as a wide variety of functionality to support effective and efficient committee operation.

This is an extremely well priced product with a fixed fee covering unlimited users and committees.  A special discounted price is available to Associations with just one committee and limited data usage – this is designed for sporting associations and school P&Cs to get this unique product at a nominal cost.  In fact we now offer a free version that will accommodate a large number of small organisations such and sporting clubs and School P&C’s